Gabi Restrepo

Contraceptive Justice Book / Spring 2020

Book cover

My capstone project is a book, Contraceptive Justice, which follows the dark history of birth control’s beginning, highlights the not so great present, and lastly, presents the different types of birth control. The first two parts are articles from Vox and Bese, and the last part is a manual composed of information from planned parenthood about all 14 forms of contraception with anonymous testimonies from women that have tried it.

Concept exploration via mood boards

This illuminates the confusing and mysterious topic of birth control, for women that might have questions or want a full understanding of unspoken aspects of the pill. I want women to understand the injustices faced towards minority groups for the creation of the pill and then I also want to make it known the negative aspects of contraceptives and reveal how taboo the topic can be. I want to point out the injustices that women in the past and present faced and in that allow for accessibility to information.

Book style guide

The book is friendly with its warm tones and not intimidating to my audience that might be afraid of answers. Big quotes in serif and warm tones, are meant to highlight the emotion of the women that have faced hardship with contraception. The illustrations by Laura Berger are organic and inclusive, not defining what a person looks like making the book welcoming.

Illustrations by Laura Berger - Major inspiration of book

We live in an information age and society tends to want to be accountable for anything they partake in or use,thus My audience is young women who are questioning their birth control options and want to know all the information available. An accessible format is used to make this important information easily digestible. Both the history and facts shed light on how lives have been affected by the pharmaceutical world.

Final spreads