Gabi Restrepo

Company Logo & Collateral / July 2019

Logo design for client

During my summer internship at Glantz Design I was given the assignment to help design a logo for a new client that had just started a PPC Management Company and did not have any branding yet. The Company is called 120 over 80, and the client wanted the logo to be simple yet interesting and very approachable. He liked the idea of using numbers in his logo and a ‘/’ between them to represent the ‘over’ part of his name.

Initial sketches

Before starting the sketching process I looked at the logos of other SEO, SEM and PPC companies. I also looked at how other companies made logos with numbers. This was very helpful to see the many different ways people played with numbers and negative space.

Several types of iterations

Logo concepts I designed, presented to client 

After Glantz presented several concepts to the client, he gravitated towards my negative dash going through the numbers to represent 120 over 80. The typeface chosen, relay black,was thick and bold enough to catch attention but also playful with its varying widths. The colors for the brand are neutral grays that highlight the professionalism of the company.I also had a hand in designing the logo style guide for the client to ensure proper use of the logo. 

Brand guideline and final logo